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VBA Code Manager

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Download Access 97 Ver.
Download Access 2000 Ver.  
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 Pierce Business Systems
Version Number:  1.01 Bld 1  -  Release Notes  -  Wish List 
Revision Date:  October 4, 2000
Byte Size:  544,056   (532KB)
License:  FreewareLicense,  Warranty Disclaimer
Cost:  Free
Requirements:  Microsoft Access 97/2000 is required to run this MDB file
Screen Shots:  Code Explorer, About Form
Report Images:  Output Code To Website
Description:  VBA Code Manager is a code library used to store and retrieve functions, subroutines, and even zip files if need be. You can save bookmarks to code. You can search the entire codebase, with the search results posted in a quick-links box. You can copy and paste code to the clipboard, to notepad, to a specific text file, etc. You can create new codebases. You can even save your entire codebase as an HTML website, complete with multiple pages of links and code (hierarchical structure). You can network the codebase by installing the application mdb on client machines, and the codebase mdb on the server, then open the codebase from client apps. This is a powerful code library that ships with 100+ standard functions. If there is enough interest, it is our aim to collect functions from users and continue to grow the library for everyone.
Source Code: Available as part of the download.  Press the F11 key to popup the database window and edit the code, forms, tables, etc. from there.

Troubleshooting:  Email for more information, or to add code to the library.

VBA Code Manager was developed in and requires Microsoft Access 97 to run.