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Pierce Business Systems (P.B. Systems) is a software company located in Seattle, Washington.  Founded in 1998, P.B. Systems began by providing database consulting, software testing and development, specializing in Microsoft SQL Server, Access and Visual Basic.  That focus has shifted over time away from professional development services to the creation of freeware software to try, and extended shareware software to buy. 

Initially, we began offering several freeware products, sample templates, and url links as a loss-leader resulting in recurring prospect visits to our website.  As the number of visitors has increased, that focus has shifted towards shareware development projects.  The shareware generates revenue; however, the real goal is to sell off product lines to larger firms.  A product line includes a fully functional freeware version of the application, plus an extended shareware version.  Note to the freeware community, we will continue to maintain the existing freeware products, and occasionally create new ones until such time as we sell the rights to the product line.

TaskZip is currently our most downloaded software application.  It has been on Lockergnome, a ZDNet Hot Files, a Yahoo Life Daily Double, shown on ZD Cable TV, was a 5 star download on Rocket Download, and was in the top 5% of all downloads on the internet for Jan-Apr 2000 at ZDNet.  All of our other products are listed on Download.com, and several other excellent shareware sites.

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