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MDB Repair Tool

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MDBRepairIcon.gif (1036 bytes) Download Access 97 Ver.
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 Pierce Business Systems
Version Number:  1.01     -   Release Notes
Revision Date:  January 5, 2001
Byte Size:  66KB
License:  Freeware,  Warranty Disclaimer
Cost:  Free
Requirements:  Microsoft Access 97 only
Screen Shots:  Main Dialog Box
Description: Microsoft Access databases can become corrupt to the point that a standard repair or compact will not fix the problem. MDB files this badly damaged can only be fixed with a compact-repair-compact cycle. Some MDB files may be even worse, to the point that they will continually re-corrupt unless you rebuild all objects by exporting them all into a blank database, finishing with another compact.
MDB Repair Tool automates this repair process for you on otherwise unrecoverable MDB files. It will perform the standard (and mandatory) C-R-C pass (compact-repair-compact); and then if selected it will Rebuild the MDB file. All objects, including tables, queries, forms, reports, macros, modules, relationships, import/export specs, and menubars are exported to the new blank .mdb file.
The tool also makes consecutive backups of the original mdb, starting with an extension of 001. So an original database named "MyDB.mdb" will be backed up to "MyDB.001", and the new "MyDB.mdb" will be compacted, repaired, compacted, and if you choose, it will also be completely rebuilt, object-by-object.

Source Code: Not available.   You must purchase for $50 by contacting us.
Note:  We also have an MDB Decompile Tool that will repairMDB's source code problems.  Also, this is *not* an MDE recovery tool.

MDBRepair Tool was developed in and requires Microsoft Access 97 to run.   There is *no* Access 2000 version.