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MDB Decompiler

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MDBDecoIcon.gif (1072 bytes) Download Access 97 Ver. 
Download Access 2000 Ver. 
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 Pierce Business Systems
Version Number:  1.01     -   Release Notes
Revision Date:  January 4, 2001
Byte Size:  93KB
License:  Freeware,  Warranty Disclaimer
Cost:  Free
Requirements:  Microsoft Access 97 or 2000
Screen Shots:  Main Dialog Box
MDB Decompiler is a simple tool used to decompile a Microsoft Access mdb file (A97 or A2000). Typically, an Access database grows over time due to updates, deletes, and additions. With updates and deletes, data is discarded but not removed. Typically, a compact database operation will remove cleanup and remove this extraneous data. However, does the same thing occur withforms, reports, and modules? The answer is yes, and the cleanup fix (force binary decompile back to just active objects) is to run the undocumented Access /Decompile switch.
"/DECOMPILE" is an undocumented Microsoft Access feature, so they suggest that you use it with care.
Because the /decompile switch is undocumented, it has some inherent risk. To mitigate that risk, backups are made of the original database, and the .mdb is replaced with .001, .002, .003 and so on up to .999. It is up to you to clean these files out as needed.
Source Code: Included, just press the F11 key to popup the database window and edit the source code.
Note:  We also have an MDB Repair Tool that will repair bad MDB files with problems in the tables.  Also, this is *not* an MDE recovery tool.

MDBDecompiler was developed in and requires Microsoft Access 97 (or Access 2000) to run.