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Bauer Software Design

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Bauer Software Design is an independent software development firm located in Seattle, Washington (USA).  They produce PC software, and software for the palm pilot.  Their primary client-base is other healthcare software vendors. 
P.B.Systems built a Mismatch Record Finder utility that locates a specific type of data integrity problem in an Access database for this client.  BSD implemented our utility as part of a job for VNS New York; a large home care system.  We also perform black box testing for some of their applications.

Outcome Concept Systems

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OCS is the healthcare company at which P.B.Systems' founder works (day job).  OCS produces outcomes measurement products for the Home Healthcare industry, including the HCFA mandated OASIS system for assesment tracking and billing, a benchmarking system for cross comparison of agency data, and a MarketView application to compare financial and high-level patient visit data across every home health agency in the United States (HCFA data).
OCS uses most of the freeware that is offered on this site, and is P.B.Systems' first client.

Process Enhancement Partners

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PEP is one of the world's leading providers of Software Process Improvement (SPI) consulting support. They offer a wide range of software process improvement services ranging from Software Process Assessments and Reviews, to training on the SEI CMM(r); Personal Software Process; Software Inspections and Change Management. If you are a software development company, then please check out their website! PEP is listed here as both a PB Systems Client/Partner and reciprocal web link.

Software Engineering Process Technology  -  New Website


For templates concerning the software configuration process click here. SEPT core competence is in the area of software engineering process standards. In this regard they write books and produce checklists for the major ISO and FDA software standards. They also produce templates for the software configuration management process. Their products are distributed through Techstreet and Fatbrain.

Shediac Communications

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Shediac Communications is based in Hong Kong.   They provide public relations and marketing needs of business-to-business organizations seeking to introduce or increase brand awareness in Asia (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, and other nations of that region).  PBSystems modified our TaskZip application to contain advertisement banners for Shediac.  Shediac in turn lined up customers who wanted to hand out free demo disks (or CDs) with their company advertisements and product pictures.  Users love TaskZip, and the only price they pay for the free handout is the rotating advertisements.

U.S. Forest Service

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The Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest (part of the U.S. Forest Service) has several computer systems for tracking projects, costs, research studies, etc.  The Information Manager of this particular National Forest approached us to fill a niche of answering MS-Access questions, performing quick maintenance fixes of home-grown Access applications and occasionally designing and implementing new MS-Access projects.  Maintenance projects typically take between 1 - 80 hours to complete.  We try to find the simplest, least intrusive solution to the bug(s) or new features in their applications.  Larger projects go through the formal process of requirements analysis, feasibility study, design, coding, testing, and implementation.