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 Pierce Business Systems
Version Number:  1.00 Bld 9    -   Release Notes
Revision Date:  October 16, 2000
Byte Size:  2,407,862  (2,352KB)
License:  Freeware,  Warranty Disclaimer
Cost:  Free
Requirements:  Microsoft Access is required to run some of the functionality
Screen Shots:  Tray Icon,  Scheduler Dialog,  Wizard Job TypeWizard Schedule,  Wizard Security File,  Wizard Repair/Compact,  Wizard AutoExecute,  Wizard Backup
Description: Do you need a powerful, easy-to-use, and free tool for scheduling repairs, compacts, and backups of your Microsoft Access databases? Do your clients neglect to routinely backup their databases, or to routinely repair and compact them as a precautionary measure? Would you like an easy way to organize and schedule Microsoft Access applets (mdb files containing auto execute macros or code) for running routine data extracts, emailing reports, etc.?
Managing Microsoft Access databases across your company’s network has never been easier. MDBTask is a system agent (scheduler) that will automate several important database maintenance jobs. MDBTask's scheduler can run backups at any time, allowing you to set recurring schedules for running daily, weekly, or monthly backups. With MDBTask, you can automate backups of your database to either a zip (compressed) or mdb (same as original) file format.  With MDBTask, you can automate routine repair and compacts of your databases. With MDBTask, you can even open and execute MDBs into which you build functionality specific to your needs such as automatically emailing reports, exporting or importing data, and much more.
MDBTask backups can be done even while other users access the database being backed up. MDBTask can maintain a history of up to 99 previous backups of your database (with system mdw file, if one exists). MDBTask can backup across a network, from computer to computer, or even to zip or jaz drive.. 

Source Code: Please email us with a brief explanation of how you will use the app if you would like the source code.
Note:  If MDBTask does not fit your needs, please look at FMS's Agent 2000.

MDBTask was developed in VB6; but some functionality requires that Microsoft Access be installed (backups only are available if Access does not exist).