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MDB Diff

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Author:  Pierce Business Systems
Version Number:  2.05  -  Release Notes
Revision Date:  October 7, 2000
Byte Size:  373,378  (365KB)
License:  FreewareLicense,  Warranty Disclaimer
Cost:  Free
Requirements:  Microsoft Access 97 (or Access 2000) is required to run this 'compiled' MDE file
Screen Shots:  File Selection, Simple Security, User-Level Security, Object SelectionSelect Output Type, Output Screen
Report Images:  MDBDiff Structural Comparison Report
MDBDiff is a tool designed to quickly locate structural differences between two Microsoft Access databases (*.mdb files). The comparison is made on the following objects: tables, fields, indexes, relations, and queries. The structural differences analyzed include: changes, additions, and deletions of objects and properties of those objects. The user follows the intuitive wizard-like interface to select two Access databases to compare, enters any necessary security logon information, select the objects to compare, then selects an output type and location for the report that is built. Users can save settings to a text file for auto execution via command line.
Reasons for using this tool include the items below plus more:
- Rapidly locating client bugs by finding exact database version differences in the table and field structures.
- Synchronizing test and development database structural versions (preclude false bugs due to old DB versions).
- Quickly generating a list of structural changes to a database (old vs. new).
- Track database structural stability over time with daily or weekly reports tracking change run automatically and saved away.
 Note:  If MDBDiff does not suit your needs, please look at the best Access tool vendor out there...FMS Inc.
 Source Code:  You can download the source code by clicking here.   Press the F11 key to popup the database window and edit the code, forms, tables, etc. from there.

MDBDiff was developed in and requires Microsoft Access 97 (or Access 2000) to run.