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Download Access 97 Ver.
Download Access 2000 Ver.   

Author:  Pierce Business Systems
Version Number:  2.20 Bld 4  -  Release Notes  -  Wish List
Revision Date:  October 7, 2000
Byte Size:  933,481  (901KB)
License:  FreewareLicense,  Warranty Disclaimer
Cost:  Free
Requirements:  Microsoft Access 97/2000 is required to run this MDB file
Screen Shots:  Bug Entry List,  Bug Entry Form,   Report Wizard,  Report Filter Dialog,  Properties Wizard,  New Project Wizard
Report Images:  Sample Detailed Bug Report,   Sample Project Summary Report,   Sample Bug History Report
Description:  Buggit manages bugs and features throughout the software development process.   Testers, developers, and managers can all benefit greatly from the use of Buggit. They can enter and edit bugs/features, perform quick lookups of existing issues, print from a wide variety of powerful reports and graphs (see screen shot links at PBSystems webpage), administer new bug project databases, and much more.  Buggit provides an unlimited number of central, multi-user databases, each capable of handling mulitple concurrent users across the development team.
Buggit is intended for use by small to large software development companies or organizations. Buggit was designed to be easy to learn and use.  Most features are implemented as intuitive wizards for users to step through.
 Note:  If Buggit does not suit your needs, please look at one of the best shareware bug tracking tools out there by Kenn Nesbitt.
Troubleshooting:  Please review the FAQ for troubleshooting.

Buggit was developed in and requires Microsoft Access to run.  All source code has been included to ease any modifications you may wish to make.
  (Note: to access source objects, close main form and press F11 key; or load the XXX_App.mdb while depressing the shift key).

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