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MDB Recover Password

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Download Access 97 Ver.
Download Access 2000 Ver.  
(Email me until I find a site to host this file)
 Pierce Business Systems
Version Number:  1.02
Revision Date:  March 2, 2000
Byte Size:  37,574  (37KB)
License:  Freeware,  Warranty Disclaimer
Cost:  Free
Requirements:  Microsoft Access 97 is required to run this MDE file; or 2000 for the version above
Screen Shots:  Main Dialog Box
Description: Password protecting an Access database will keep casual users out and keep your data fairly secure.   However, you may occasionally forget a password, especially on an old database or a database whose use is infrequent.  For those instances, you can download this tool to fix your problem.  You can use MDBRecoverPW to show you the current password assigned to the target MDB.  This application works on Access 97 databases, and should work on Access 95.  Download the special Access 2000 version above (in paranthesis by title on our site at 
Source Code: Please email us if you would like this source code, or you can go search on Michael Kaplan's site, or Planet Source Code site.
Note:  If MDBRecoverPW does not resolve your problem (e.g.: you have user-level security using MDW files, etc.), please look at, Crak, PK Solutions, Lost Password, Easy Tools, PWCrack, Elcom Soft, or AccessData.

MDBRecoverPW was developed in and requires Microsoft Access 97 (or Access 2000) to run.