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Billit Time Tracker

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Download Access 97 Ver.
(Email me until I find a site to host this file)
 Pierce Business Systems  -  Release Notes
Version Number:  2.55
Revision Date:  October 2, 2000
Byte Size:  869,675  (850KB)
License:  Freeware,  Warranty Disclaimer
Cost:  Free
Requirements:  Microsoft Access 97 is required; (you must convert for Access 2000 usage...remove line of code in BTT_Loader.mdb that executes no longer supported command RepairDatabase, and convert each mdb file as A2K.)
Screen Shots:  Time Sheet, Edit Task, Edit Project, Edit Department, Edit Employee Dialog, Edit WBS Code, Report Wizard, Filter Dialog
Report Samples:  Standard Report, Report Up-Close, Usage Log Report, Gannt Report
Description: Billit tracks employee tasks and time spent working on those tasks. Tasks can be assigned to projects, to departments, to users, and to a user-defined work-breakdown-structure code. An easy weekly time sheet allows you to enter hours and assign to tasks. A wide variety of powerful reports roll-up the billable time by client, by project, by department, by employee, by task, by WBS code, etc. You can print project invoices, task lists, project summary reports, and more. From the GUI, you can administer new client databases. Billit provides an unlimited number of central, multi-user databases, each supporting multiple concurrent users. 
Source Code: Available as part of the download.  Press the F11 key to popup the database window and edit the code, forms, tables, etc. from there.
Note:  Please email all suggestions for product improvement to us.

Billit was developed in and requires Microsoft Access 97 (or Access 2000 if you convert) to run.